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Welcome to

White Room Chalet

Not just your average winter ski holiday experience!!

We'll be honest we are a bunch of hardcore foodies that love the mountains & know how to create something truly special so you can just get on with enjoying your winter holiday. 

What we are really trying to say is let us take the stress out of winter ski holidays so you can spend more time on the slopes.

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white room chalet

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Like we said..

We are foodies... like veteran foodies & we know how important good food is to make the perfect winter holiday.

Our chef Matt has designed & will be cooking his Semi-Catered Menu in all the chalets this winter.


Matt has a huge wealth of hospitality experience, having worked in the best restaurants in the world – The Fat Duck, Britain / Cracco, Milan / The Royal Mail, Australia. He's basically a food Yoda.

Matt is constantly working on a winter menu trying to preserve all the tasty bits from all the seasons to serve to you in the thick of the winter.

We try to keep it as seasonal & as local as we can. So far we are getting pretty good at it.

So sit back, relax & enjoy all the tasty treats we send your way this winter.

The chalets

We think personalised service is the key to a great ski holiday.

Whether you opt for one of our beautiful, self-catered chalets or fill your boots with a semi-catered holiday you know that we'll be there personally to make sure everything is just the way you wanted it.

All of our chalets are a minutes walk away from the first chairlift, ski schools, spas, bars & restaurants here in Sainte Foy resort. Which means no need for a bus or early morning transfers.

Jenny Jones

Snowboard & Mindset Workshop with Jenny Jones.

Fully catered by us at White Room Chalet.

A winter week to develop your snowboarding and progress your mindset. This workshop will focus on the aspects which Jenny’ believes are central to progressing your snowboarding: The riding itself; the psychology behind a successful performance; and the importance of looking after your body through restorative yoga sessions. By bringing in her chosen experts Jenny will pass on the training techniques that led to her successful snowboard career, giving you exclusive access to the support an elite athlete would receive in performance snowboarding.



Dive into the Backcountry on one of our many camps.

Whether you are curious about the off-piste & wanting to explore that bit more or you are a hardcore backcountry fan we have many camps to choose from for skiers & snowboarders.


All of the Backcountry Camps are back this year. 

Sainte Foy Tarentaise

The hidden gem in the Tarentaise Valley.

Sainte Foy is a family friendly natural paradise in the Tarentaise Valley with incredible lift access, quiet slopes, which means snow is left untouched for much longer & NO QUEUES!


 It's also known for it's world class off-piste & incredible snow conditions. 

Here's the faces to our story.

That's us!

The Matt & Crona show!

Meet Matt Head chef & in charge of all enthusiasm

Matt has a huge wealth of hospitality experience. Having worked in the best restaurants in the world – The Fat Duck, Britain / Cracco, Milan / The Royal Mail, Australia.  I think he can cook!

Matt will be designing all the semi-catered chalets menus this year. Which means all our guests will receive his innovative dishes created from his boundless enthusiasm for food.

Meet Crona head of the party planning committee.

Crona has been working in customer service for more years than she can count.

Food has always been the center of this, with spending years as a cheesemonger, chef, restaurant manager & has just finished a stint along with Matt as the General Manager at River Cottage HQ in Devon UK.

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